Beauty is in choosing your career

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“Beauty will save the world,” Dostoevsky said. Can beauty also save a career?

Beauty is a ritual, it is art. Beauty lies all around and inside us. It goes deep down our pores and comes out just as much as we allow it.

Beauty is in creativity but also in having the courage to change everything we don't like about ourselves.

Women today are expected to be achievers. Women are expected to stay forever young. They are expected to have families, a career, and the strength to do everything again the next day.

It's true that women used to do put up with jobs they weren't especially passionate about. It's also true they used to have less freedom to change their minds and choose what they want to do.

It's also true that there is no make-up in this world that can cover dissatisfaction and the inability to change the things we don't like.

The truth is, we feel so good about ourselves when we believe in what we're doing. And when we feel good - we look good. Because beauty is not just about eyebrows and permanent make-up.

Beauty is the inspiration you give with your own example to people around you. Beauty is the passion for the job you're doing that gives strength to others to make the same change in their lives. There is no money in this world that can buy that glow because that glow is success.

Finally, beauty is in having the freedom to choose the career you want. It's in the change we're making on purpose, with a clear intention to succeed.

Choose the life you want to live. Start today.


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