What is Hexaplan and how does it work?

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In photo: Tatijana Stamenkovska, Master, North Macedonia

Hexaplan is a 6-step advancement plan at Phi Academy designed to guide you from the first steps in the beauty industry to your international Master’s career.

Based on the values that represent Phi Academy, Hexaplan teaches Students that success at the Academy is achieved through hard work, proven skills, merit, loyalty, but also by adopting other relevant skills such as marketing, communication, and presentation skills.

Because most Phi Academy Students come without previous experience in the beauty industry and business, the Academy has developed special courses that provide adoption of all these skills in order to facilitate the development path to a brand new, successful career.

One of the greatest benefits of Hexaplan is that it allows each student to advance based on clearly defined tasks. This means that all participants have the same starting point, regardless of gender, age, and previous experience. At Phi Academy, there are no privileges or shortcuts to success. Your progress depends solely on you.

Finally, the purpose of Hexaplan is not just to teach you how to make good money through beauty treatments. The purpose of Hexaplan is to create representatives from the best Students who will work and travel around the world, further expand our community and promote the core values and ideas on which the Phi Academy is based.


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