Hyperrealistic eyebrow look with more volume.

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What are

Thick and full eyebrows are the dream of many women around the world. Fortunately for those who have sparse eyebrows and cannot naturally achieve this look, BoldBrows treatment provides a hyper-realistic eyebrow look.

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What is BoldBrows training?

BoldBrows training is a special education at Phi Academy that allows all Students to acquire advanced knowledge of drawing eyebrows using special strokes that combine curved and braided hairs with short hairs and thus form the effect of greater eyebrow volume.


How long does BoldBrows training last?

BoldBrows training begins with the two-day live training that consists of two parts: 

Day 1

Theoretical part: how to prepare the client, what BoldBrows course includes, a course on hygiene, color theory, face anatomy, appropriate care after treatment.

Day 2

Practical part: practicing on a live model. 

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What after?

After the live training, participants gain access to the Craftmaster online learning platform, where all registered students go through online education on BoldBrows treatment.


What’s in the Starter kit?

All Students receive the appropriate Starter Kit, which contains all the necessary tools and products that allow Students to successfully practice and work in the future.

Starter kit
  • Universal Holder Silver
  • Skin Candy 20/1
  • BoldBlade 30/1
  • Golden ratio divider
Standard kit
  • Pigment Golden Brown SUPE
  • Pigment Brown 1 SUPE
  • Pigment Brown 2 SUPE
  • Pigment Brown 3 SUPE
Premium kit
  • PhiBlade disposable tool 18 U ECC 0.18 30/1
  • Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit
  • BoldBlade 50/1
  • PhiWipes Asept 5/1

How do I make progress?

Royal Artist
Master Associate
Craft Master
We want you here
Grand Master


After completing a two-day live training, all participants receive a certificate of attendance, and only after completing the tasks in the Craftmaster application, they receive the appropriate BoldBrows Artist certificate as well as their place on the map of Artists or Technicians within the official Phi Academy website.

What's next?
Step by step

Find the master

Buy the package

Install craftmaster app

Complete the levels

Become a certified artist


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