Motives for and reasons why people opt for tattoos are different

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What is PhiTattoo?

We can say with certainty that tattoos are one of the biggest trends of the day. People want to visually express their personality and individuality, or they simply have a message they want to share but don’t have the right words to express themselves. Tattoos can be an excellent way to cover up an old, unwanted tattoo or scar.

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What is the PhiTattoo Course?

The PhiTattoo Course is a special educational course provided by PhiAcademy. It teaches participants advanced know-how about tattoo design through the insertion of color into the deeper layer of the skin - the dermis, by drawing a pattern on the skin using a machine. The pattern should be in line with the Golden Ratio. The PhiTattoo Course is ideal for beginners as well as those who already have experience in working with PMU.


How long does the PhiTattoo Course take to complete?

The PhiTattoo Course begins with 1-day training, divided into two parts:

Part 1

Theory: how to prepare the client, what is included in the PhiTattoo treatment, a course on hygiene, color theory, proper aftercare.

Part 2

Practical work: practicing on a live model.

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What after?

Once they have completed the live training session, participants receive access to the CraftMaster Online Learning Platform. This platform provides Students with continued education through online training on how to perform the PhiTattoo treatment. 


What is included in the Starter Kit?

Each Student receives their own Starter Kit, which includes all of the necessary tools and products they need to practice their technique successfully for starters and everything they need to continue their work in the future.

PhiTattoo Starter Kit
  • PhiBrows Marker Pen (1 piece)
  • PhiFoam 150 ml (1 piece)
  • Skin Candy After Care Balm 9/1 (1 piece)
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How can I develop my career?

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Once the live 2-day training session is completed, all participants receive a Certificate of Participation. Only once they have completed all of the tasks set out in the CraftMaster App, do they receive the PhiTattoo Artist Certificate and their own place on the Map of Artists or Technicians on PhiAcademy’s official website.  

What's next?
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Find the Master

Buy the package

Install Craftmaster App

Complete the levels

Become a certified Artist


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