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What is PhiBrows Microblading?

PhiBrows Microblading is a hyperrealistic technique of drawing eyebrows manually (using microblading). PhiBrows is one of the most popular beauty treatments today thanks to the range of benefits it provides to the clients.

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What is PhiBrows Microblading training?

PhiBrows Microblading training is not just a regular eyebrow drawing course. PhiBrows Microblading is the only microblading brand in the world, which allows our Artists to earn more and to have an international career.

Who is it for

Who is PhiBrows
Microblading training for?

The world we live in today is full of uncertainty but also big, and often unrealistic, expectations from women. Nowadays, a woman is expected to be dedicated to her family and household chores and to build a successful career at the same time, which, in most cases, is very difficult to manage.

PhiBrows Microblading is a very profitable course that provides economic security and gives you the opportunity to choose when and how much you want to work.

The PhiBrows Microblading course is designed in a way that everyone can understand, including those with no previous knowledge about skin, beauty, Among PhiBrows Artists, only a small number comes from the beauty industry: PhiBrows Artists are housewives, lawyers, jurists, medics, and everyone else who has no previous experience in the world of beauty. 


How long does PhiBrows Microblading training last?

PhiBrows Microblading course begins with a two-day training consisting of two parts:

Day 1

Theoretical part: introduction to skin problems and condition, basics of eyebrow design according to the golden ratio, hygiene, use and mixing of colors (color theory).

Day 2

Practical part: modular exercise through levels on latex (artificial leather) and work on a live model.

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What after?

After the live training, participants gain access to the Craftmaster online learning platform, where all registered students go through online education on PhiBrows Microblading treatment.


Types of PhiBrows training

Because PhiAcademy attendees are not just beginners, our academy has developed three types of training packages depending on how much you are willing to invest in your career.

Premium kit
  • 25 products (sufficient for 80 treatments)
  • 6 months of Craftmaster app support
  • Unlimited Dr.Phi support
  • 5 bonus courses
Standard kit
  • 16 products (sufficient for 50 treatments)
  • 4 months of Craftmaster app support
  • Unlimited Dr. Phi support
  • 4 bonus courses
Starter kit
  • 9 products (sufficient for 20 treatments)
  • 2 months of Craftmaster app support
  • Unlimited Dr.Phi support
  • 2 bonus courses
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How do I make progress?

Royal Artist
Master Assistant
Craft Master
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Grand Master


The certification program at the PhiBrows training is very strict, but worth the effort and time invested. After completing the two-day live training, PhiBrows students receive a certificate of attendance, and only after completing the tasks in the Craftmaster app they receive an Artist certificate, which is also a proof of mastered skill.

What's next?
Step by step

Find the Master

Buy the package

Install craftmaster app

Complete the levels

Become a certified artist


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