Laura Moreno 🇲🇽

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It was always clear to me that the world of beauty was my thing, however in my country studying “styling” was not synonymous with success so I was afraid to undertake this career.


I took my first PhiBrows course in 2016 with the first Masters in Mexico. At the time, I had nothing and I had to take a loan from the bank to pay for the course because I didn't have money either. I started my way to Monterrey with my baby because I had no one to leave him with, and so we took the first step towards our new life together.


Laura before and today

Laura before and today

After that, I started to fill up my schedule with clients, and soon my work paid the loan. But I wanted to continue growing at the Academy and I became a Phi Brows Royal Artist in 2017, and the year after I became Phi Brows Master Associate in my country.

After I met Grand Master Megy Hodzic at my perfection training, she gave me the opportunity to represent her technique. Soon after that, I became the second Bold Brows Master in the whole world. The following year I obtained recognition as the Best Bold Brows Master when Phi Academy Grand Masters Kerstin and Thorsten awarded me the title of Powder Brows Master.

I also developed my own technique under the name Desginer Brows and presented it in Serbia in 2019. My first generation of students was a success with more than 100 participants who enrolled in just 2 months.

 In 2020, Master Jordy Naponiello gave me the privilege to represent his technique and in 2021, Master Rosa María has appointed me Phi Contour Master.

Laura and Jordy

Laura and Jordy

Just 4 years after taking my first course, I made a great success at the Phi Academy. Although I started with nothing, today I’m the Master with the most degrees in Mexico and the only Mexican Master inside the #TopTen2020 of the Academy.


Thank you Branko for creating this wonderful Academy where IF YOU DREAM IT... YOU WILL DO IT!