Priscilla Gaieb 🇫🇷

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From saleswoman at a perfumery to the first PhiLashes Master in France.

After my studies in aesthetics, I worked for 15 years for many cosmetic brands and groups such as Sephora, LVMH, Mac Cosmetics, Christian Dior, and duty-free at the Geneva airport.

In 2018 I decided to learn eyelash extensions and Microblading. I learned fast and quickly became a business manager. My dreams started to come true. Pretty soon I opened my salon specializing in semi-permanent makeup at my home.

I completed my technique in eyelash extensions with Luisa Bassler in May 2019. I advanced step by step: first I became an Artist in July 2019, then Royal Artist in November 2019, and after that, I became a Master Associate in June 2020.

Thanks to my hard work, Luisa gave me the opportunity to become the very first PhiLashes Master in France.

Priscilla and her Students

Priscilla and her Students

Besides PhiLashes, I also found success with PhiBrows! As a PhiBrows Royal Artist, I want to thank Phi Academy for giving me the chance to become independent and evolve as I always wanted. Dreams really come true when you work hard.